An interesting listing has come up over on the Microsoft Store website. The store has recently put up a listing for Mirrors Edge 2, listing the game for a 2015 release. While it has been roughly a full two years since the game was first announced during E3 2013, many have not expected the game to be ready this soon, including myself! During E3 2014 when the game was displayed once again, it seemed like things were still in early stages of development, however we may be closer to launch that we had originally thought.

The Microsoft Store currently has a deal going where if you pre-order Mirrors Edge 2, you will receive a $10 Xbox gift card. The deal expires on December 31st of this year, however, this only makes things seem like the game will launch in 2016. Regardless of this, the next time we hear any official details regarding Mirrors Edge 2 will more than likely be at this years E3, until then, it’s all speculation.