On the PS3 is MouseCraft, not to be confused with Minecraft or Warcraft. Instead of creating strongholds to keep out orcs or other green exploding pain-in-the-asses you have small 2D puzzles filled with mouses… mices…? Filthy rodents that are getting toyed with for the amusement of an anthropomorphic cat named… Schrödinger, the most obvious joke behind Garfield and Felix. The story is that he must run mice through his maze to collect crystals to get more cheese to make more mazes, the most meaningless cycle ever. Why he doesn’t just eat the mice and remove the crystals from his own devices is beyond me. Sound is non-existent as well with story sections using the same background elevator music the rest of the game does. The ending was also absolute crap and completely crashed on me right away. The funny thing is that when I went to YouTube to watch it the glitched version I had was actually better.

What is good then? Well the puzzles are rather interesting and become rather difficult while not insulting as the games goes on. The use of new puzzle mechanics as the game progresses is entertaining and become rather creative as you progress. I especially enjoyed the jelly block and the electric block. Water was more an irritation because they move so slow and lose air so fast, the opposite of losing air in the old Sonic. There is also a mode that allows you to create your own test. I did not use this much but it seemed creative for what I did do. However, there is no way to share it making the entire exercise useless. What is the point of creating something then trying to figure it out? If someone could make a test so hard they can’t even solve it themselves then it is probably broken and needs to be redone. That is the problem with ‘make your own puzzle’ options. Most people will try to make them next to impossible and most of them will be because they were designed to be impossible, not functional.