It’s the holiday season! The time of year where gamers all over have received their new consoles, software, subscriptions, and the blowing up of gaming networks around the world have begun. Nintendo has been no stranger to this now, and even in the past, but it looks like this year especially, there servers are taking the hard hits.

Pokemon Bank is a subscription based cloud storage app developed by Nintendo enabling users to deposit and store their Pokemon from select Pokemon games. It also comes free with another software (Poke-transfer) that allows users to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Black/Black2 & White/White/2 over to their X & Y games. Sounds exciting right? Well unfortunately, since the app has launched on the 25th in Japan, many of Nintendo’s online based services for both Wii U & 3DS have been experiencing major slowdowns and technical difficulties. These problems are in which still occurring as of ¬†which has resulted in the app being temporarily pulled from the Japanese eShop.

According to Nintendo of Japan, the Pokemon Bank app was reported to be the main cause of the server issues, so it makes clear sense as to why they removed the app. No announcement has been made at the moment in regards to when the app will return, but we can only assume that once servers return to normal, will we see the return of the app on the Japanese eShop.


Pokemon Bank is set to launch here in the U.S & EU on December 27th. It is very possible this date may be altered is server issues continue to remain present. Nintendo has announced however that the free 30-day trial of the software will restart as soon as the application becomes available again.