I don’t know about you all, but for me, Rainbow Six: Siege will be title that officially marks the end of the Holiday Video Game madness, aside from Xenoblade. It will most likely be the last title I pickup for 2015.

Despite it’s recent delay, it seems the title is about ready to be launched, but Ubisoft is looking to give it one last test run, with a final open beta as the test. The beta period will run from November 25th – November 29th. The beta will be available on all platforms. (PS4, Xbox One, and PC.)

If you’ve got the game pre-ordered already, you will be able to get in the beta and start playing on the 24th, a full 24hrs before it’s available to the general public. The final beta test is mainly aimed at tweaking multi-player, and making sure the online is steady and ready to go ahead of it’s release. New maps, new operators, and a new Terrorist Hunt mode are all planned to be in this beta, so you’ll be working with some fresh content!

Not too long after the Open Beta ends, Rainbow Six: Siege will officially launch, on December 1st, to be exact