ReCore is a title that I very faintly remember being announced. If memory serves me right, the title was announced during E3 2015, however, I only remember the footage they showed off reminding me of another very solid game that’s already released.

However! Despite the game looking very sharp at the time, it seems the title is not quite ready to meet the original planned release window that it had held. Originally slated to be launched in Spring of this year, Microsoft has now confirmed that the game will not be meeting that release window, and will be delayed to “the latter half of 2016”.

ReCore is being developed by the creator of Megaman, Kengi Inafune, in collaboration with Armature Studio. Infaune made a statement regarding the premise of the game stating “With ReCore, the theme I wanted to write was human versus robots. This world is — there were humans before, but now, there are none. There are a bunch of robots in this world already and the players will wonder, ‘Why are they here? Who made those robots?’ Probably humans, but they’re not here anymore. Also, the core in those robots, they’re a different technology than the robots themselves.”

Xbox One will be the only console ReCore will be released on, however, a PC release is also currently planned to be launched alongside the Xbox One version of the game.