In what could be almost as big a deal as the new Fallout 4 finally being announced or a possibly bigger let down than the fact we probably won’t see Fallout 4 for another year, I have recently obtained inside information that we could be getting info on Zero Escape 3 at E3 this year. If you don’t know what the Zero Escape series is imagine something that is part Syfi, shove in some quantum physics and top it off with a great story. It started with Zero Escape: 999 on the DS and then continued with Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward on the 3DS and Vita. Made to be a trilogy the series is still missing the crucial and final part of the story that takes place in between the two where the world is saved from becoming the wasteland it is in Virtues Last Reward.

However, being as visual novel games usually don’t do very well and Zero Escape requires a lot of explanation the first two games have become cult hits. It apparently didn’t impress developers enough to make the final part though. While the call from fans to make the final part has been heard loud and far there has been little forward progression since Virtues Last Reward was released in 2012. Recently I have reached out to the creator who usually releases updates for Zero Escape 3 on his twitter for any new updates. The last news coming in February of 2014. While short and lacking any information it did sound as if there was a very good chance some good news would be appearing at E3 or at least in the near future. That may be me just hoping for good news but I can still dream if I want to.

While the story in the first two games was very alike, clairvoyance that went beyond time and space, a big guy with amnesia, one or two of the characters turn out to be a bad guy, a psycho chick who is one step away from killing everyone, a surprise twist protagonist and antagonist that would make M. Night Shyamalan proud and so on. The story is so well crafted and implemented though it hardly matters. Of course the complex narrative on quantum physics and complicated puzzles may melt some brains before they can actually appreciate the story. Just the range of thought experiments, multiple endings and complex theories should keep anyone entertained… as long as your head doesn’t explode from the stress that is.