Sony has recently made the surprising announcement that ‘God of War’ (2018) will be making it’s way to the PC platform via Steam, at the start of 2022! While it’s definitely a bit of a left-field announcement, we’ve also known for sometime now that Sony has been aiming to bring at least SOME of their current PS exclusive franchises over to the PC platform, but as far as which and when…well it’s all but a guessing game. With Horizon Zero Dawn having been the first PS exclusive title to make it’s way to PC earlier this year, and now God of War soon to follow; it begs the question, will both games respective sequels be seeing a PC release sometime soon after the console launch?

While it may be much too early to speculate, it seems Sony may only focus on bringing titles to the PC platform that are either set to receive sequels at some point, or have been released on the PS platform for quite sometime; after all, Sony has drilled the “PlayStation is the place to play” motto into our heads for years now, so why would they want to give that up entirely? Especially when it comes to newly released titles.

It’s a bit of an odd situation, as we may never be given true indication as to which titles have a shot at arriving on PC, and which will never see the light of day, but for now; it would be a safe bet to assume that as the PlayStation 5 becomes the new “place to play”, more PlayStation 4 titles will likely see their arrival over on PC, as it will be almost an entirely new market in which the company can continue to bring in revenue on titles that are years old at this point, yet unexperienced by an entire set of gamers that do not own any PS hardware. It’s a great business decision if you think about it, and releasing older titles that are soon to receive sequels, ultimately piggy-backing off of the hype is ingenious to say the least.

God of War (2018) PC’s release will see the title arriving on the Steam platform, featuring a wide array of settings, some of which that you just can’t get on PS4/PS5 hardware, including: 4K, Nvidia DLSS and Reflux support, controls customization, ultra-wide support, and of course, 1440p support.

God of War (2018) arrive on PC Steam on January 14th, 2022.