It’s been a crazy past 24hrs for Halo fans. Many have suspected it was in the works for quite some time now, but early yesterday, the folks over at 343 Industries finally unveiled their plans for the future of the Master Chief Collection.

During SXSW which is currently taking place in Austin, Texas – Xbox hosted a special “Inside Xbox” show, where they unveiled several announcements regarding certain titles, as well as a few new reveals. The biggest of which all surrounding the Halo Master Chief Collection – a title that’s been out for quite sometime now, but has been undergoing various updates and patches that have been not only fixing the game, but also adding to it. During this presentation, 343 dropped an epic trailer reveal which confirmed the speculation many of us have been hoping and praying for – for literally years. That’s right, Halo is finally coming to the PC platform!

Halo will officially return to the PC platform later this year with the arrival of Halo Master Chief Collection, which will be available on both the Windows store as well as Steam! Unlike the console version of the title, however, the game will be released in bits and pieces, rather than all titles being simultaneously bundled into one game. This will allow players to ultimately pay for the games they wish to play, while also being able to own the multiplayer for titles they wish to own, which bring me to the next announcement.

Alongside the reveal of the PC release of the title also came the announcement of Halo Reach soon to be added to the Master Chief collection. Halo Reach being added into the fray was probably the next biggest request fans had, aside from a PC release – and it’s finally coming! Halo Reach will feature improved visuals, 60fps gameplay, and more! The multiplayer addition of Halo Reach will be available free of charge for owners of The Master Chief Collection, while the campaign will be available to purchase for a small price. Halo Reach will also be the first Halo title part of the MCC that will be released on the PC.

While no official dates regarding the MCC PC release and or Halo Reach’s add-on update have been revealed as of yet, it seems like Summer is a pretty safe indication as to when we’ll see both rolling out. It’s been a very long wait for the return of Halo to the PC, and this will most certainly shake things up for the PC gaming community – forever.