Now that Mario’s 35th Anniversary celebrations are just about coming to a close, Nintendo & The Pokemon Company International are already ready to celebrate the next big anniversary for 2021, and that’s Pokemon of course! Yup, Pokemon will be celebrating 25 years this year, and lot’s of goodness is looking to come right along with it.

Earlier today, the Pokemon Company revealed a special celebration video which technically made it known to everyone that they would be celebrating 25 years of Pokemon this year. It’s a pretty cool video to be honest, and most importantly, they made it clear that lot’s of news and reveals are on the way!

While the series will be getting a lot of attention this year surely, our next best bet at a big batch of news will likely be a Pokemon focused Direct – sometime during February, but more than likely on February 27th – which just so happens to be Pokemon Day this year. Pokemon Day has generally always been the day TPCI saves for reveals whether it’s new cards, or a tease at the upcoming new Pokemon games for the year, and with not only Sinnoh Remakes, Johto Remakes, More Galar DLC, or even an entirely new generation on the table for potentially being revealed this year; we still have Pokemon Unite as well as Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo Switch set to arrive this year – both titles still long-overdue for more news and updates.

It’s going to be an exciting year for Pokemon fans for sure, I myself can hardly contain the hype. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the latest announcements and reveals for everything Pokemon as the 25th Anniversary celebrations continue.