Author: Dan Vail

Dan is currently studying Computer Science in Minnesota. When not trying way too hard to sound smarter than he actually is, Dan spends his free time with his dog, Chewie, lifting, and playing games. His guilty pleasure in this world is Legend of Dragoon and Old School RuneScape. He rides a red motorcycle named Nina.


The NX has been rumored (and confirmed) for quite some time now. With it, bloggers and gaming media reporters have been digging up patents and reporting on rumors from “sources close to Nintendo” (shout out to Emily Rogers). Reports of cartridge-based games, the console being a handheld-home-hybrid, and expecting a first party lineup have come to the surface. Nintendo, in line with these rumors, has a lot that the consumers expect from them, and it’s unknown if NX will be able to live up to what we’ve built it to be in our minds. The first rumor, which comes from…

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This has been a big week for gaming. No Man’s Sky has released for the PS4 on Tuesday and PC on Friday. Fans have waited for this game for the better part of 3 years, and with it, No Man’s Sky, brings many monumental moments to gaming history. The jury is still out for most review outlets whether or not this game is “good,” but this is going past what this game carries apart from just its content. No Man’s Sky is a game that is remarkable in many senses. Creator of the game “Joe Danger,” Hello Games is a…

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