Maybe it’s a tad bit early to start talking about E3, but at the same time, maybe it’s not? Early or not, Bethesda has jumped on the E3 talk this morning, recently announcing that they will be hosting their own E3 press conference this year, this one being their first ever! Their presentation will be taking place on the Sunday before the big expo, June 14th in Hollywood, CA. The company has not yet given a time for the press conference, however invites are sure to go out soon, featuring those details.

Many now, have begun speculating as to what exactly prompt the company to hold a media briefing. Our best assumption would be that they are prepping to unveil some huge titles, more than likely The Elder Scrolls VI, and the highly anticipated Fallout 4. It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen new iterations from both series (No, Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t count!)

Despite all this, it’s going to be an exciting press conference nonetheless. For those of you who won’t be able to attend the briefing in person, you’ll be able to watch it live over on their official Twitch channel located here,¬†