Shortly following the arrival of Destiny 2 Forsaken’s “Season of Opulence” update, it seems a much bigger update is on the horizon – Destiny 2’s next expansion, “Shadowkeeper.”

The leak was unveiled over on the website ResetEra, where data-mined files of the PC version of Destiny 2 apparently contain information regarding the upcoming expansion. To add even more credence to the leak, Jason Schreier of Kotaku has stated that the leak is in fact legitimate, further confirming that Shadowkeeper may very well be our next Destiny 2 adventure.

The upcoming expansion apparently will take us back to the Moon, a place that we haven’t yet been able to travel to in Destiny 2. The journey on the moon is said to allow players to explore a whole new area of the planet, as well as the “Hellmouth”, where players will become the “slayer of nightmares”.


While nothing has been officially confirmed by Bungie as of yet, it’s only a matter of time before we receive official news as the company has a official Destiny 2 Reveal Stream ready for this Thursday, ahead of E3 2019.