Square Enix recently held a Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Presentation this week, with it came 6 Dragon Quest video game related announcements! While we all knew a Dragon Quest XII announcement was surely going to be one of them, many fans of the franchise have been speculating for sometime now which past Dragon Quest title would be next to receive the Remaster/Remake treatment, as Square has been no stranger to that in the past.

Surprisingly however, it was revealed during the presentation that Dragon Quest III would be the next game to receive a remake, which would technically mark the titles second remake! It’s first being the recent mobile/Switch virtual console release. This second remake however, will be a much more prevalent one, and much close to a brand new game of sorts – though the game still heavily holds ties to it’s original roots. The new remaster will be in HD 2D or 2.5D, looking very similar to the art-style and gameplay from OCTOPATH TRAVELER.

While no release date or announcement regarding what hardware it will be available on has been announced as of yet, it’s pretty safe to assume that the game will be available on Nintendo Switch, and likely other consoles if not on release – sometime down the line.