E3 is upon us again and the rumors are flying, not to mention everything else that is already confirmed. All the big dogs are giving presentations again, including Sony and Microsoft along with a couple newbies Bethesda and Kadokawa. Nintendo oddly enough seems to be bowing out of E3 this year almost entirely with no presentation and not even much in the way of a booth. While a lot of stuff is confirmed there is plenty of rumor, gossip or just wishful thinking going on as well. There will also be a lot of VR talk going on but not much on new systems since it has already been confirmed neither the Nintendo NX nor PS4.5 will be present. Supposedly Microsoft will introduce two new consoles. One is a thinner version of the Xbox One and the Scorpio, Microsoft’s answer to the PS4.5 which claims to be twice as powerful. With so many possibilities here is my breakdown for what will come.

Random Stuff-

Capcom had a rough year after they were busted for trying to screw over fans again and don’t seem to have a lot to offer in new games this year. While I wish fans could expect news on Remember Me 2 that won’t be happening. At best I think all Capcom can offer is some news on Dead Rising 4, a series that started great but has slowly played itself out. No news on what Konami will be bringing to the table but there is a good chance Kojima with his new self-made studio will take part. Hopefully to explain what the life like ad of a guy in Halo style armor is supposed to mean. Since Kojima doesn’t own the rights to Metal Gear and can’t make any more fans are very intrigued in what comes next. There is also the Injustice 2 game that was already leaked by GameStop and has been more or less announced.



Ubisoft has the most awkward void to fill since for the first time in years they don’t have a new Assassin’s Creed game to ram down our throats. A good choice but where does that leave them? It seems they’re using Watch Dogs 2 to fill the gap and have already announced it for the most part. Will it be better than the first game? Will it look anything like the trailer this time? Will it fix the many glaring issues? I’m sure a new Tom Clancy game will also be dropped on us but I can’t even pretend to care. The most interesting for me is finally getting a release date for South Park: The Fractured But Whole; a sequel to the surprise but underrated hit South Park: The Stick of Truth.



A lot of rumors have been circulating on news about the 3rd season of the highly acclaimed Walking Dead. With multiple major cliffhangers at the end of Season 2 fans are hyped to finally learn which path Season 3 will start from. Supposedly there will also be information on the new game Batman, which covers both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Not much is known on this new IP yet besides players will play as both characters in a standalone story unrelated to anything else.


EA, the spawn of all evil that has taken Capcom as its young padawan, has for the most part tipped its hand already. Titanfall 2 seems to be a sure thing at this point and may no longer be system exclusive. Battlefield 1, which interestingly has gone the opposite route of Call of Duty by going back in time, will cover WWI. Since most people tend to know less about WWI than ‘it came before WWII and somehow gave birth to Hitler’ it should be interesting. There is also FIFA 17, among other sport games, that are actually very impressive in the level of graphics.


Square Enix-

While not my usual developer of choice Square Enix does have a fair amount to talk about this year. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the big one. Of course there is also Mighty No. 9, the spiritual successor to Mega Man that has been delayed for ages using every excuse in the book. It seems likely Hitman will have some sort of announcement but who knows what. Most likely there will be more news on the Final Fantasy 12 remaster which was huge last year. Hopefully they will also clear up some of the other rumors, like how it will be an episodic title instead of a single game now. A new game I’m interested in is I am Setsuna, an extremely beautiful and artistic RPG. There will also be news on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 prequel Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8.


There is the highly anticipated Mafia 3 but that has more or less but announced at this point, another badass trailer wouldn’t hurt though. There are plenty of rumors floating around and any one of them could be huge news. First is the strong possibility of a GTA V single player DLC. Up to this point there has been plenty of updates but all the new content has focused on online play. Rumors suggest there may even be plans for what could be either a new Red Dead Redemption 2 or a remaster. Hopefully there will be some news on Borderlands 3 but that seems unlikely with them still working on Battleborn… for some reason. Probably the wildest rumor is the possibility of a new IP from the creators of Bioshock. While it would be a dream come true I suspect any information provided would be minor at best.



My pride and joy, if it wasn’t for that Elder Scrolls Online game I would say they were nearly infallible. Already announced and highly anticipated is Dishonored 2, which offers players a male and female choice this time. Also expected is the next lineup of Fallout 4 DLC which jacked up the price of the season pass from 30 to 50. Personally I hope for a major story add on about the vaults but I’ve been doing that since Fallout 3. There should also be more information on Wolfenstein 2. Very likely there will be news on the Skyrim Remaster, which already kind of exist. I highly doubt there will be any news on an Elder Scrolls 6. With Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls Online still in full swing it is very unlikely production has started yet, I can dream though.


Nintendo must really be desperate these days, even moving into movies and apps after scoffing at them only a couple years ago. The Wii U has been a flop and there is no way to deny that the handheld market has been killed by smart phones. All hope rides on the NX which has been pushed back and isn’t even ready to show. Nintendo won’t be announcing anything at E3 and the only demo they have will be the long awaited Zelda, Wii U version only. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket. Hopefully it will clear up some rumors on the new Zelda having voice acting and an optional female Link named Linkle, first featured in Hyrule Warriors. Will this be enough to save Nintendo though?



I have a good bet going that the imminent secret reveal Sony has this year is God of War 4. While unclear where the game can possibly go from killing all the gods all signs point to very likely. Also of interest is a new IP by David Cage named Detroit: Become Human. David Cage has a very up and down track record; he received critical acclaim with Heavy Rain but was panned for Beyond: Two Souls. All fans know is that it will probably be very dark and everyone is out to get you. I’m also intrigued in the highly anticipated upcoming No Man’s Sky, The Last Guardian and the recently delayed Horizon Zero Dawn.