At long last, Fire Emblem is set to make it’s debut on smart-phones! The release of a mobile Fire Emblem game was initially planned for late 2016, however the release was clearly delayed into 2017.

Detailed during the Fire Emblem Direct which took place this past Wednesday, Fire Emblem Hero’s is set to be a Fire Emblem title aimed at giving you a great mobile experience. The title will feature a wide range of characters within the Fire Emblem universe, that you can pick and choose to be apart of your army. You’ll be able to craft weapons, level each character up, and take all of you favorite characters with you into battle.

The game will still contain it’s traditional tactical roots, however everything has a bit of your typical mobile-game spin on it, with everything a tad bit simplified for your smart devices.

Fire Emblem Hero’s will launch on February 2nd for Android users via Google Play, with an IOS release coming soon. Nintendo has also recently started a “Choose Your Legends” event which is currently ongoing on the games main website, which is hyping up the release a bit.