Next-generation is just about upon us, and many gamer’s looking to be early adopters of the next-gen platforms are still scrambling to either secure or pay-off pre-orders, or are hoping to get lucky and score one of the very few extra hardware that will be available on launch day.

For those of you looking to secure an Xbox Series X or S as your choice for next-gen hardware, you may be in luck as GameStop has recently stated on social media that they plan to have some extra stock available, although in the form of bundles, both tonight online, as well as tomorrow, launch day – in person.

While bundles are likely to run you at least $100 more than what you’d be paying for the hardware alone, it’s probably the much better option when you’re faced with either waiting for an unprecedented amount of time for small restocks, or buying from scalpers. While the company only stated that bundles would be available, there is the small chance that one or two standalone consoles may be available to purchase too, at least in person, so if you’re interested in grabbing a Series X/S day one, your best bet is to hit up your local GameStop as early as possible and see what they’ve got left.