If you’ve been waiting to jump on the PlayStation 4 train mainly due to lack of system colors; you’re in luck, as Sony has recently announced a Glacier White themed color for the PlayStation 4 slim, which is set to arrive on January 24th. The announcement was made via the European PlayStation Blog, where the announcement also confirmed that the Glacier White model will be be available for the PAL region as well as across Asia.

Unfortunately, no announcement was made regarding it’s release on US shores, however it is expected that we’ll receive this color as well, sometime shortly after the PAL and Asia regions. As of now, the Glacier White model of the PlayStation 4 slim is the only alternative color available for the slim model, likely to be available at the models standard, base price point. The Glacier White model will contain a 500GB HDD as well as a Glacier White Dualshock 4 controller.


Sony has not yet revealed official pricing for the console and or whether or not it they will be producing limited quantities; however you can expect to hear more details as January 24th fast approaches. The company did however release a trailer for the console, which you can checkout below.