Not that it’s any surprise or shocker, but Microsoft is continuing to truck away with the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility feature as we begin to make our way through 2017. During this past holiday season, Microsoft promised that once 2017 kicked off, they would once again be hard at work at bringing many Xbox 360 fan-favorites over to the Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility, and they’ve been doing just that!

Gran Theft Auto IV is the latest fan-favorite to become available through the service, and an amazing choice as well! Gran Theft Auto IV was one of the most well-received GTA titles within the franchise, ultimately pushing the series forward as a whole. Even though Gran Theft Auto V is still kicking it extremely well, with a much larger fan-base than of what GTA IV ever had, Gran Theft Auto IV is still a GREAT title, and will be one that most certainly won’t be forgotten.


For players who are still owners of the Xbox 360 version of Gran Theft Auto IV, all you have to do is pop the disc into your Xbox One console, and begin installing the title. If you purchased the title digitally, via Xbox 360, you’ll be able to simply download the title via your Xbox Live Store account, just as you would any other digital title.

It’s great to see such big last-gen releases heading over to the Backwards Compatibility service. I’m still crossing my fingers and praying for Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2 & 3……PLEASE MICROSOFT!