Being a huge fan of the GT series, this speculation has gotten me feeling all giddy inside. Sony has announced that on May 15th, they will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of the series. Part of the celebration will a reveal of an update to the series from the lead designer Kazunori Yamauchi. With the release of GT5 in 2010 being both “long awaited” and “unsatisfying” for many long term fans of the series (even though the game sold over 9million copies”, I find it pretty surprising that would could in fact be the 6th expansion to the series, will be announced so soon, and possibly released this year. I only say this because GT5’s release was constantly delayed, over 3 times if my memory holds true. The games development also took over 6 years long. There is only purely speculation as of now regarding which console Sony will release this on, I am personally hoping to see a release on both Ps3 & PS4, however, if we see a PS3 only release, I will be forced purchase another PS3.


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