Today at SilverStone, Sony Computer Entertainment announced the next expansion to the GranTurismo series. GranTurismo 6 was announced as a PS3 title, scheduled to launch this holiday season. With the development of the game, Sony has insured us that the game will be expandable on various ends, and will evolve over time. This makes me believe that we might not see a new GT7 for some time now, yet instead, they will be building upon this game.

GranTurismo 6 will feature,

  • A New Game engine
  • New Physics Engine
  • 1,200 cars, and custom parts, as well as on-going DLC.
  • 33 location and 71 layouts.
  • New Course Maker
  • Community Club/ Racing organizer
  • New User Interfaces
  • And finally Smartphone/tablet/PC compatibility.

Needless to say, this game will be packed with new features, and will evolve the GT scene into something much bigger than we’ve ever seen before within a Racing Simulator. Sony has said that they have a PS4 GranTurismo 6 “in mind” but have not said anything regarding if any development is currently taking place.