For those with both a Vita and PlayStation Plus you should have picked up God of War: Ghost of Sparta for free. There is still time so do it if you haven’t. Well, the June free game lineup has been released and one of this month’s Vita games is God of War: Chains of Olympus, coincidence much? Anyone on the PlayStation should be at least acquainted with Kratos, one of many official whipping boys Sony likes to trot about when things get slow. Fans of God of War are also aware there hasn’t been a new game to the series since Ascension in 2013. A PS3 game that didn’t live up to the reputation. While well-made players found it aggravating when the camera constantly zoomed out to display the pretty sky box, leaving the player fighting blind.


The last ‘good’ God of War game was number three back in 2010. God of War 3 is also the point where the story kind of just stalled out, leaving Kratos bleeding out with little to do since he already brutally killed the remaining gods. E3 is already upon us and while a lot of announcements are already known at this point could a secret God of War 4 be in the making? Every big show likes to have some surprise to blow away the audience, even if most of them already know what the surprise is. It has been at least two years since the last real God of War. Combine that with the free Plus God of War games recently, Chains of Olympus in June, Ghost of Sparta in May and even Ascension last August. There has yet to be a new God of War on the PS4 and it is overdue at this point.

While there are plenty of rumors about what Sony will reveal at their press conference this year could a new God of War be one? Detroit: Become Human is probably the one I’m most interested in… or if it will even get made which is just as questionable. There will be a lot of talk about VR which I’m not looking forward too. God of War 4 though? All the signs seem favorable and with Santa Monica Studio’s usual 2-3 year production cycle they’re about overdue for something new. The real question is will it finally wrap up the series from the cliffhanger in God of War 3 or are we going to have to play as prepubescent Kratos this time?