The Monster Hunter craze has been real lately, and with Monster Hunter: Generations recently launching on the 3DS; more fans than ever are now craving even more Monster Hunting goodness! It’s one good thing Capcom seems to have going for them, and they’re truly on the run with it.

With that said, it seems Nintendo and Capcom are readying up some brand new Monster Hunter information for us, as a recent Japanese Monster Hunter themed, Nintendo Direct presentation has been announced – which is currently slated for October 27th at 20:00 JST. The presentation will be available to watch live via YouTube – for those of you who are interested in tuning in. The presentation is set to be hosted by the series producer, Ryozo Tsjujimoto.

While it’s been made clear that the presentation would not feature any news or announcements pertaining to the Nintendo Switch and or a Monster Hunter title on the Nintendo Switch or any smart phone application; it is quite likely that the company is readying up to discuss new details regarding a currently announced Monster Hunter game which is scheduled to arrive in Japan by March of 2017, which is still awaiting to be detailed.


If you’re a Monster Hunter fan, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this Direct, even if it is only in Japanese.