Mario Golf is finally making it’s return! It’s been a solid 7-8 years since the franchises last entry which released on the Nintendo 3DS, but now is finally coming back – and seemingly in full force!

Announced during the recent February Nintendo Direct presentation, Mario Golf: Super Rush will be the next entry into the franchise, and is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch this June! The game offers that quality Mario Golf gameplay we’ve all grown to love over the years, however there are some new additions to the game which will definitely put a bit of a spin on things. For starters, free roaming will be a new feature in this title, but with a purpose – players will be able to run around the course whilst utilizing various Super Mario themed power-ups and abilities to help them complete a given course before their opponents!

Motion Controls will surprisingly also be available as a play-style in Super Rush, a perfect option if you’ve been craving a more “Wii Sports Golf” experience, but with Mario characters. It’s definitely something I’m glad to see added in, as Nintendo definitely managed to make their motion enabled golf games feel fairly authentic. Lastly however, one of the more heavily requested Mario Golf features that have been absent from console entries – is the addition of a story mode. Yes! A Mario Golf Story mode will be making it’s way into Super Rush, and will feature the more RPG-like experience we’ve loved from other past Mario Sports entries such as Mario Tennis and Golf on the GBC/GBA. You’ll play as your own created Mii in the story mode, where you’ll interact with various other characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, participate in matches, level up your character, and use points you earn towards increasing different character stats which will make your Mii and even better golfer!

Unlike the past few entries within the Mario Golf series, it seems Super Rush will offer more of a complete experience, taking many features and mechanics from previous games, as well as new ones, and combining it into a long-awaited, fresh experience!

Mario Golf: Super Rush releases on June 25th for the Nintendo Switch