Last week we received our first batch of information regarding Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, ever since it was initially announced during E3 2016. We already knew it was going to be a beast of a machine, but now we have an even better idea of what is will be capable of, as Microsoft has recently confirmed the system to be fully capable of playing games at 4K/60FPS. Not only that, but the system is also set to be packed with 12GB of GDDR5 Ram, an 8-core CPU, and an efficient water-cooling system.

Microsoft also confirmed earlier this week that they have a diverse lineup of titles set to arrive exclusively on the Project Scorpio this year, so for those of you who may be thinking this is just another power-machine with no games to go along with it, thinking again.

Despite the information we’ve received regarding the console thus far, nobody knows what the system looks like as Microsoft has pretty much kept everyone in the dark, until now at least. Along with a ton more in-depth information regarding the consoles specs, a few images of some of the Scorpio’s prototypes have surfaces over on gamasutra on their in-depth report regarding the system and it’s hardware. While the system is likely to look a bit different from the images below, this might give us a good idea on what we can expect when the system is officially unveiled, likely during E3 2017.



Yes these are actual dev-kits, so expect the finalized system to keep somewhat of a similar design when it’s officially revealed. Originally, I expected this system to be much larger, but based on the dev-kit images, it’s looking like it will be if not the same size, a tad bit smaller than the original Xbox One console.


Pricing has yet to be revealed for the Project Scorpio, however many are speculating $499 as a likely pricepoint (I’ve got my bet on $599, however). As stated above, Microsoft has yet to fully unveil the Project Scorpio, however, E3 2017 is looking to be a likely event where will finally receive our first look at the console, and learn it’s official release date and price. Microsoft’s E3 2017 Press Conference is set to take place on Sunday, June 11th at 2pm PT.