For those of you who are dedicated Xbox One players, perhaps without a PC of your own for gaming, it turns out Microsoft is planning to add a new way to play for those who may be looking for a more “accurate and precise” path when it comes to controls.

Microsoft has revealed that soon Xbox One consoles will be able to support Mouse and Keyboard control options, and will be partnering with Razer to bring players “additional mouse and keyboard” options. As of now however,  aside from Warfare, there is no confirmation as to which titles will support the new control option, as Microsoft has explained that the mouse and keyboard support would be a case-by-case situation, with developers having full control over whether or not they wish for the control scheme to be enabled for their given title.

As of now, the mouse and keyboard functionality on Xbox One is only available for those who are a part of the Xbox Insider Program, however even so, the only title that you will be able to test the functionality on is Warframe. Hopefully new games will adopt the function very soon.


Microsoft plans to roll out the functionality to everyone within a couple of weeks (likely with the Fall 2018 update), so we will keep you all posted on when the functionality goes live!