Duck Hunt released in 1984 on the NES wasn’t my favorite game growing up, primarily because I didn’t have a NES, but it was something. Until the mocking cackle of that damn dog pushed me over the edge at least. One of the earliest examples of ‘controllers that aren’t exactly a controller’ Duck Hunt also featured the NES Zapper. A gun styled controller players could use to play Duck Hunt, Clay Shoot and… come to think of it what else was it good for? An interesting gimmick even if it didn’t work well more than a few inches from the screen.


Video games have taken this lesson to heart in an attempt to create their own gun shaped peripheral. The PS1 had them including a gold plated one that is considered one of the rarest collectables ever. The Wii had various versions including Links Crossbow Training for some mad reason. Even the PS3 had a couple including one large rifle shaped controller that players needed to strap a couple of glowing nobs onto. Apparently a company in Texas (which seems ironic on multiple levels) has taken this to the next level however by designing an actual gun that looks like the old NES Zapper. First it was a cellphone shaped gun and now this? Who is coming up with this stuff and who in the hell is buying it? The only reason I can see for it is teaching that damn dog a long overdue lesson.

The gun itself is a modified glock and for those who don’t know the glock is probably one of the most widely used and modified guns on the planet. Now and you can also avail or buy bulk ammo online for the game. Used by everyone from militaries to police to civilians it is a very common handgun. Growing up the where I did I’m no stranger to small arms… but I wouldn’t leave my prints on them. Maybe it’s because I never owned nor have interest in owning a gun but designing one to look near identical to a toy seems ill advised… or maybe it’s because my friends wouldn’t let me use theirs because I’m “unstable”… whatever that means… It wouldn’t be the first incident where the cops injured someone after mistaking a toy for the real thing.


In usual internet fashion people from all over rushed to voice their opinions on the subject as loudly as possible. Some in favor, some not in favor and those asking how to buy one. The company in Texas however has already stated they will not be selling the modified glock to the public though. Stating the one in the picture was a onetime thing for a friend. As is internet fashion I’m sure many people have approved and disapproved this already; quoting everything from ‘think of the children’ to ‘you’re letting the terrorist win’. All I know is that the modified NES glock will go down as the second rarest and most lethal video game collectable ever, damn you Gamma Attack!