As we reported earlier that more Pokemon related reveals and announcements would likely soon be on the way, we didn’t really expect them to roll out oh-so-quickly! Nintendo and The Pokemon Company revealed earlier today that the upcoming New Pokemon Snap title for the Nintendo Switch will be arriving on April 30th, and revealed some brand new details regarding the game as well.

The game takes place in the Lental Region, where you’ll travel across various Lental Islands within the region and snap photo’s of many different types of Pokemon as you work to fill-up your Photodex for Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita. For the most part, the games seems to stay true to the original Pokemon Snap in terms of concept. As the photographer, you’ll be observing many types of Pokemon within their natural habitats, while paying close attention to how they interact with their surroundings. Additionally, you’ll be exposed to a new Pokemon phenomena known as the “Illumina Phenomenon” where Pokemon and vegetation within the Lental region will occasionally glow. As part of your travels, you’ll be working to research this happening.

Pre-orders have already begun for New Pokemon Snap as the game arrives in only a couple of months! We’ll be sure to share the latest information surrounding the game as it becomes available.