Pokken Tournament has been one of the more successful Fighting Game launches this generation; featuring a handful of many fan favorite Pokemon, all duking it out in both an arena style field, as well as in a 2D space, the has without a doubt holds a special place in many Pokemon fans hearts.

A recent announcement has come out regarding the game from the official Pokken Tournament Japanese Twitter, and states that an update for the arcade version of Pokken Tournament will be arriving on July 20th, which will add Garchomp, Braixen, and Shadow Mewtwo to the fray, but along with these characters, a mystery fighter was also teased.

On July 14th, NicoNico will be holding a livestream that is set to reveal a brand new character that will be coming to the arcade units to Pokken Tournament on July 20th.


While there are a slew of characters Namco could be adding to the game, many rumors have been pointing to Sczicor as a possibility, however, there are many fighting-game perfect Pokemon which can definitely be implemented into the title.

While no details have been revealed as of yet in regards to an update for Pokken Tournament for the Wii U, odds are we’ll hear about when we will receive this new Pokemon fighter, via DLC, shortly after it’s reveal on the 20th. This sort of activity fairly common among arcade native releases, though, I highly doubt Namco will be forcing us to purchase a “Super Pokken Tournament” to receive a new character, anytime soon.