Nintendo has FINALLY come around to revealing exactly what they’ll be doing for E3 this year, and while it’s definitely nothing out of the ordinary, it’s definitely nice to see them reveal things this week, rather than next week – literally right before things kick off. It’s definitely been an interesting past few weeks for the company as well. We know the Nintendo Switch Pro/Super Nintendo Switch leaks have been rolling out, seemingly on the daily at this point, and things seem rising to the point of an inevitable announcement either sometime before E3, or definitely before.

Regardless of what’s revealed before their E3 showing, things are definitely shaping up for this to be one of the biggest E3 showings for the Nintendo Switch platform, probably since this systems launch. If you’re like many other people and absolutely cannot wait for all the madness to go down, you’ll definitely want to circle Tuesday, June 15th on your calendar, as that’s when all of the action will be going down. Nintendo has announced that their E3 Nintendo Direct will feature roughly 40 minutes of information focused solely on the Nintendo Switch software, mostly of which will be releasing in 2021, followed up with three hours of gameplay via a Nintendo Treehouse presentation!

It’s definitely interesting to hear them put an emphasis on “Nintendo Switch Software Exclusively” as I’m sure they are well aware of the fans expecting them to shed some light on the Nintendo Switch Pro during the broadcast, assuming the system is not revealed before then. Considering this, it seems to be a guarantee at this point that we’ll either receive information regarding the new Switch model before E3, or sometime that is completely unknown. While rumors and leaks point to it being revealed before E3, it’s always possible that Nintendo changes their mind and decides to share the information at a later date.

All of that aside, though, what are you looking forward to hearing about the most from Nintendo during their E3 2021 Direct presentation?  With games we haven’t heard about in awhile such as Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, Breath of the Wild 2, and more being all possibilities to appear during the show, this broadcast has the potential to be a big one.