We’ve received numerous rumors regarding Nintendo’s latest machine in development, currently called the “NX”. And while Nintendo has been extremely tight lipped in regards to sharing information about it; what we do know for certain now is that the system will be arriving sometime during March 0f 2017. Quite a few titles have also been announced to be arriving on the system, such as the recently revealed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Project Sonic 2017, Just Dance 2017, RISE: Race The Future, and Riverside.

Learning more about what titles will be available on the platform is nice and all, but it doesn’t matter all that much if we don’t know exactly how the upcoming system will operate. Nintendo has been known for their crazy style of innovations in gaming, throughout their last few console iterations with both the Wii and Wii U, and many fans are left wondering what kind of twist Nintendo is going to pull this time around, and in what way it will change the way they play games.

A recent rumor was posted over on Eurogamer in regards to Nintendo’s upcoming system, which claims the system will be a portable console of sorts, that will come with detachable controllers. The console itself will apparently be capable of connecting and displaying it’s content to an HD TV, where then you will be able to play from. Eurogamer provided a sort of concept art which illustrates the design of the system.

Eurogamer Concept Art NX

We’ve heard multiple rumors that suggest the NX may be a hybrid console of supports, and this report definitely further confirms that rumor. My only concern is likely high price-tag this console will hold, as something so compact, yet flexible and packed with processing power, must not come cheap to manufacture. Recent rumors have also suggested that Nintendo is readying to reveal both the NX console as well as a dedicated handheld device code-named the “MH”; this ultimately leaves us all in a tail spin, so I’d suggest not thinking about it to much all-together.


When we will officially receive an reveal for the NX is anybody’s guess, however, I feel that the console will most likely be fully revealed sometime before late autumn, as revealing a brand new console, too close to it’s release window, is probably not the greatest idea. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, all allowed roughly a 5-month window between their next-gen console announcement/reveal, and release; so that would taking into account a March 2017 release date for the NX would leave it’s likely reveal to be sometime late this October or during the first few weeks of November. Until then, keep an eye out here and on all official Nintendo social media for official details regarding the NX.