Metroid Prime: Federation Force has been one of the most highly anticipated handheld titles from Nintendo, for quite awhile now. Though the game is not a traditional Metroid Prime title, in essence, the game received quite a bit of praise at recent conventions in which Nintendo booths were present, along with the title and it’s demo.

Luckily, you will no longer have to travel to Conventions in order to get your hands on this title before it’s launch. Nintendo has revealed that a timed multiplayer demo for the title, entitled “Blast Ball”. The demo is essentially the full games multiplayer mode, which features both offline and online play. The multiplayer is a 3v3 mode, and is exactly what it sounds like; using your gun as well as a few different abilities to shoot the ball into the goal.

The demo is currently available now, and will be playable until the official title releases next month, which you will then have to purchase Federation Force, in order to keep playing.


I probably won’t be giving it a shot, however the mutiplayer does sound like an addicting, yet small experience, for those of you who are into handheld multiplayer.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force launches on August, 19th.