Ever since the official Nintendo Switch reveal that took place via a 3 minute teaser trailer, back in October; Nintendo has been fairly hush-hush regarding their next-gen console, as they announced shortly after the reveal that no further information regarding the system would be announced for the remainder of the year. While this is a bit odd to say the least, especially with the system launching in March; we all expected Nintendo to share brand new details with us during January of 2017, at the absolute latest – and it now seems that will be the case.

The company recently announced that on January 13th, 2017, they will be holding a special hands-on private event in New York to show-off and demo the hardware to the public, for the first time ever. The event is set to last five hours, with a streamed presentation regarding the system also taking place that day, which Nintendo is currently referring to as it’s “Tokyo webcast”. The webcast will be a way for them to announce new information about the console for those who will not be in attendance at the private event. Nintendo has also confirmed that during this event, they will unveil the official launch date and pricing for the Switch, as well.


No further information has been revealed yet surrounding this event, however we are likely to receive more details as January quickly approaches.