It’s been a pretty slow year for Nintendo in terms of announcements as we’ve previously reported before. While the company hasn’t exactly been “booming” the industry with huge announcement all year thus far, that isn’t to say they haven’t been successful. Switch software and systems alike have been consistently flying off store-shelves all year long, and while many believe the on-going pandemic played a huge role in this; Nintendo has shown once again just how much their beloved software is desired, and how much it is truly capable of pushing hardware sales.

Recent adopters of the Nintendo Switch may be in for a bit of a shock however, as reports have once again re-surfaced regarding an apparent upgraded Nintendo Switch model that is apparently in the works for a 2021 release. Bloomberg has reported that the upgraded system is said to support 4K graphics, while also getting a boost from new games. Their report also mentions that a handful of games from Nintendo and other studio’s are planned to release this fiscal year, and hopefully put an end to this dry-spell we’ve been having. While we will likely see what exactly Nintendo has in-store for us, software wise, later this week; an upgraded Switch model is something that has been rumored for sometime now, with most recent rumors earlier this year being put to rest by Nintendo themselves. Though, Nintendo has only claimed that no new Switch hardware would be coming this fiscal year, meaning later next year could very well offer a slot for an upgraded Switch model to present itself.


Realistically speaking, an upgraded Switch model would not be a terrible idea on Nintendo’s part. With both Microsoft and Sony launching their new hardware generations this Holiday season; now would be better than ever for a proper Switch hardware refresh. It’s hard to say when exactly we’ll see something like this come to light, but I’m willing to bet a Direct sometime during early 2021 or perhaps a tad earlier may truly confirm or deny the existence of an upgrade.