During the Amiibo craze which lasted quite a long time, I’d say late 2014 throughout most of the duration of 2015; we saw quite a few different kind of Amiibo never see the light of day again, on store shelves. Like the Nintendo Wii on launch day, finding your favorite Amiibo was probably more of a struggle than trying to find ancient buried treasure; and while quite a different sorts of Amiibo were still available to find and purchase without much difficulty, there were others that just weren’t restocked once they were sold out.

The most commonly known Amiibo to not get restocks for quite sometime were: Dr.Mario, Lurcario, Villager,┬áPalutena, Dr.Pit, Marth, and Bowser Jr. There were perhaps a few more than I’m more than likely missing, but off the top of the heads, these are probably the most notable and most popular – that were just almost impossible to find.

Luckily, however, since 2015, we’ve seen many of these Amiibo make their way back to store shelves for a second of third run. You can probably still find some of them now if you look in the right places, and prices online have likely gone down quite a bit. The latest Amiibo however, to be finally receiving a restock is Palutena. Originally being a Toy’s R Us exclusive, the Palutena Amiibo has be one of which that hasn’t seen received a re-stock since her initial release. But now, well over a year later, she’s finally making her return to Toy’s R Us exclusively.

The Palutena Amiibo is currently available for pre-order over at Toy’s R Us, with an estimated ship date of October 27th. While I highly down many will be quick to jump on this train, it’s probably still worth mentioning that more Amiibo restocks are currently planned to be taking place within the coming months, especially with the holiday craze – well on the way.


Which Amiibo are you looking forward to receiving a re-stock? Let us know in the comments!