For the longest time, it was uncertain as to if the Chinese audience would ever be able to receive the infamous Battle-Royale title PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds; but after Chinese tech giant Tencent won the exclusive rights to publish and distribute the game in China, last week, the game is yet to grow another ten-folds as it official becomes available in that region.

Along with the arrival of the game in China, Tencent has also announced that they will be developing a Mobile version of PUBG in tandem with the South Korean developer, Bluehole. While not much has been said about this Mobile version of the title, the developers at Tecent have promised to keep the game as faithful to the PC version as possible, while working within the regulations they have been provided.

It’s quite an exciting process to see such a rapidly growing game become available pretty much everywhere, as many hope the title hopes the game will eventually become available globally. With PUBG also set to arrive on the Xbox One in the coming weeks, December 12th to be exact, it’s almost certain that the game will grow it’s own dedicated console audience of players which is more than likely going to faster than a lot of people are expecting it too.


With mobile versions of titles being a common theme here in the West as well, who’s hoping a mobile port of PUBG arrives our way as well? Would you be willing to give it a shot?