In what appears to be Pokemon meets Lilo and Stitch, Pokemon Sun and Moon takes place in a more tropical region in comparison to the previous games (at least based on what was shown from the trailer).  Graphically the game looks similar to X and Y and ORAS.  The trailer also shows off the new starters:

Rowlet: An Owl’s Face on a Ball’s Body                                                              Litten: FIRE-CATS HO!

pokemon_sun_moon_starters_rowlet                                            pokemon_sun_moon_starters_litten

Popplio: Seal-Kefka



Personally, I’m partial to Rowlet as it’s so freaking cute and I’m interested in the Grass/Flying type pairing (hopefully the warmer climate means there won’t be an Ice-type gym), but I’m interested in seeing the evolved forms of each and the new Pokemon that are introduced this generation.

Oh yeah, speaking of new Pokemon, the trailer also showed the designs of the Box Legendaries (I believe the names haven’t been released yet):


The legendary from Pokemon Sun seems to be some Lion and the Pokemon Moon legendary seems to be some kind of bat.

There’s still a long time until the games come out (currently scheduled for a “late 2016” release), so if I don’t get more information, I’ll probably continue to refer to them as Dande-Lion and Bat-Signal.



Full Trailer: