Pokemon Sun & Moon is well on the way, with about a month left before it’s official launch on November 18th! Until then, Nintendo seems to be keeping up with their bi-weekly, often even weekly, tradition of releasing new information regarding the games, most of the time along with a new trailer.

The latest information to come out regarding the game introduces us to some new evolutions, as a matter of fact, the recent information is pretty heavily focused on evolutions, now that I think of it. Regardless of that, remember those adorable starters that were revealed to us many months ago? Well, Nintendo has just revealed their first evolutions, and they seem to have just gotten even cuter. Littens evolution has been revealed to be Torracat, Rowlets evolution being Dartix, and Popplio’s evolution being Brionne. For the most part, the evolution’s are quite similar to their base forms, I’d consider them to be more pre-teens, of their starter forms.

Nintendo has also revealed in the recent released trailer that Mega Evolution’s aren’t going anywhere, and will still play a role in Pokemon Sun & Moon.┬áIn addition to this, it was also revealed that Ash-Greninja would be attainable in the game. Ash-Greninja has gained quite a bit of popularity recently, so it’s quite interesting to see them implement him into the game.

New way’s to connect with other players were also announced, including a brand new in-game location called the “Festival Plaza”. In the plaza, you’ll be able to connect with other players, do quests, win points and prizes, and more. It’s nice to see Nintendo incorporating even more connectivity features into Pokemon, as it’s definitely a game best played with others.

Lastly, Nintendo also revealed that a special demo version of Pokemon Sun & Moon will be available on October 18th, where you will be able to partner up with Ash-Greninja, and take part in some battling action!


You can checkout all of the official details by viewing the recently released trailer, below.