Backwards compatibility has always been something that has gradually became more and more scarce the further up in console generations we go. For the most part, Microsoft has done a pretty good job at allowing their fan-base to continue to play their favorite titles from past generations. The Xbox One backwards compatibility feature has definitely pleased many, and with several more titles being added each month; you can pretty much be rest-assured that your favorite title will likely at some point, if it’s not currently available right now.

With the Project Scorpio on the horizon for 2017, many Xbox One users have brought up the question regarding backwards compatible options within the system. Right now, we know the Project Scorpio will be able to play most Xbox One titles, however, Xbox 360 titles is an entirely different situation.


When Platform Chief for Xbox, Mike Ybarra, was asked on Twitter regarding the existence of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on Project Scorpio,  he stated “360 Backwards compatibility will of course work on Scorpio.

This of course, is exciting news; especially for those who may be a bit worried that the Project Scorpio would leave behind many of the amazing features the Xbox One has been implementing and improving upon since it’s launch.

There’s definitely no doubt that the desire to play older titles is still here; and hopefully other companies aside from Microsoft, cough, Sony, cough, will soon take notice and begin catering to the desire for backwards compatible more efficiently and frequently.


Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is currently slated to release sometime during Holiday 2017.