While the recent Ratchet and Clank 2016 game was an excellent retelling of the origin story, the recent movie was subpar at best. A remake of the original trilogy, both the game and movie follow the same story and are nearly identical… except that the game was actually good. To be fair the movie was a total disaster, it just doesn’t compare next to its video game counterpart. As far as movies based off games over the last couple decades go; it is probably one of the better ones in the bunch. Of course there isn’t much competition either, like putting Shaq up against Verne Troyer. Like most critics, I praised the game for being beyond exceptional in almost every way. I did think the game was awfully short and had an odd tendency to add characters and concepts with little explanation. I assumed it was all for the sake of the movie and by god was I right. The odd thing is that while the new characters and plot twist were used more in the movie it made less sense than in the game.


If you played the game there is no reason to see the movie since they share 75% of the animation. In fact, even though I knew the story already it was still ruined that much more because I had already seen the movie through the game, shot for shot. With the developers sharing material to make the movie and game connect better I figured there would be overlap. Not only is there overlap but they could have copy and pasted most the movie into the game. Every cutscene is in the movie if slightly edited to fit the barely altered plot. The odd thing is that while the graphics in the game are great, on the big screen they look mediocre. I kept checking my glasses to make sure they weren’t dirty but the movie still looked below average. Of course there are a few minor parts and some drama to make it feel more like a movie but it felt wedged in for no reason. The only real interesting point that should have been put in the game was the robot Dr. Nefarious bit at the end.

It doesn’t matter much because the movie is incredibly boring. It feels like a movie just put together with the important cutscenes of a video game… oh wait, it is. The first half of the movie I could just feel that something was wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it. I found myself at some point asking when this super long cutscene would end and it hit me. The movie was incredibly boring because it skipped over all the exciting bits. Instead you just skip from one important moment to the next with little action or transition. Ratchet and Clank is a fun adventure game with crazy weapons while the movie just boils down a complex duo to its base form with little substance. Even the new characters somehow had less of an introduction and background in the movie. It’s a shallow reflection of the game and lacks any of the substance that made the game great. I would argue the movie is just as much about Qwark as it is Ratchet just to drum up the internal struggle a bit more. In the beginning they also start some weird ideological drama between Ratchet and Clank but just sort of abandon it halfway.


While an incredible game the Ratchet and Clank movie does all the same things but not nearly as well. A disappointing adaptation that just fails to match the action and humor of the series in every way. A lot of things happen but it never feels like we get anything out of it. Thank god I was alone in the theatre because I was not happy and needed to yell a few times. I can only hope this doesn’t affect the next game… except to make it longer since they won’t have a movie to deal with as well. Unless you don’t have a PS4 I can only suggest not wasting time and money on the movie and just get the game. I do have to wonder one thing though, why in the hell did Sylvester Stallone play Victor? It felt odd and out of place to say the least.