We recently reported the rumor which has been spiraling around regarding the Nintendo Switch and it’s supposed March 17th release date in PAL Regions. While that doesn’t give us a whole-lot to go by, it is nice to hear some sort of launch date rumor which can help us all possibly pin-point the exact date we’ll all be able to have the Switch in our hands, and households.

In addition to this, however, a more recent report has surfaced from another website which reveals some of Nintendo’s supposed Switch titles to be available at launch, and we’ll tell you right now; the Switch launch may just be the best launch ever!

The report has indicated that Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, and Splatoon will all be receiving ‘Directors Cut’ editions of sorts, which will be available at launch. These editions are said to include all previously released DLC, as well as new content which will only be available for the Switch. The report also goes on to state that anyone who owns original versions of the titles (Wii U), will be able to download the ‘Directors Cut’ editions for free!

More surprisingly, the recently teased Mario Switch title is also said to be a launch title, and will apparently feel like a “combination of all previous 3D Mario titles. Control scheme supposedly somewhere between 64 and Sunshine.”


Lastly, the recent report also states Nintendo will have several bundles available to purchase during launch. The Switch will come in a basic set for $260, a Mario Bundle for $300, and a Legend of Zelda bundle, alongside a Pro Controller for $340.


With this in mind, it seems we’ll actually be receiving both a brand new Mario and Zelda title on release date, which is EXTREMELY hype to say the least. Hopefully the rumors and reports turn out to be true; and while they do sound quite convincing at this point, you’ll probably want to take this all with a grain of salt until Nintendo gives us official confirmation.