Platinum Games and Nintendo have had a pretty close relationship going on as of lately, and everyone knows that with every relationship eventually comes some swapping of personal belongings, one way or another. This time around it seems both Nintendo and Platinum may be using their magical bond to bring something once dead, back to the world of the living. Most people didn’t see this one coming, but reportedly that something is the title “Scalebound” a game that was initially announced to be an Xbox One exclusive several years ago, but cancelled not too long after it’s reveal.

The Scalebound trademarked was once renewed back in 2017 by Microsoft, but soon after they left it to expire. This apparently left the IP open for another publisher to take it under it’s wing if they so desired, and it seems Nintendo was the first to show interest.

For those who aren’t familiar with “Scalebound” the game revolves around a character named Drew, who in all honestly, heavily resembles Dante from the Devil May Cry franchise, but instead of dealing with demons, he’s dealing with dragons. The gameplay we were shown those several years ago didn’t look bad at all! It had a lot of people interested; I even found myself quite disappointed when I learned the title was ultimately cancelled.


Scalebound is a game that definitely showed a lot of promise and potential, but was ultimately canned before it could be truly brought to life. We will likely learn if these rumors regarding Nintendo taking over development of the title are true or not within the next few months, as we approach the next Nintendo Direct which will likely take place sometime during mid-late Spring.