We’ve been waiting for a solid Sonic release for quite awhile now, and while Sonic Colors wasn’t exactly, bad, it was a mediocre Sonic game at best. With that said, Sega has recently stated that they will be doing their absolute best with the Sonic franchise moving forward. It’s quite obvious at this point that they have heard the fans cries for a better and new Sonic title, and it seems they have taken the feedback and have begun developing accordingly.

Now, Sega has revealed the next chapter in the Sonic franchise, entitled “Project Sonic”. The game features both a more modern Sonic, as well as Classic Sonic, in a setting of some very ruined city. The team behind this upcoming project is the same team that brought us Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. Like I said, very solid titles, but didn’t exactly blow us away, either.


Project Sonic is currently scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo NX, and PC during Holiday of 2017. From the trailer we have recently received, I can definitely get behind the tone they’ve set for the project so far, I suppose only time will tell if this title will live up expectations.


You can checkout the debut trailer below, and let us know what you think in the comments!