Another month has come and another list of free games for PlayStation Gold members released. Maybe the gripping finally got through to someone because the lineups haven’t been all terrible lately, Rogue Galaxy was entertaining and Yakuza 5 was a nice touch, even if it did kill the memory on my PS3. This month however Gold members seem to have a number of strong, if old, options across every system. Starting on the PS4 is Lords of the Fallen, the slow and simple minded half-brother to the Souls franchise. Not to say it’s bad, it’s even kind of good controversially. It simply uses a number of mechanics that have been done before and better for the most part. A third person adventure game, you customize your character and tear your way through a series of bosses, enough said.

Probably the highlight of the month has to be Journey, a game highly acclaimed in nearly every way despite its short length. Creating an almost perfect atmosphere with gorgeous designs and beautiful instrument pieces, it doesn’t get much better. The best part of the game is how players can interact with other players, no talking, no text, just simple beeps. Work together or work apart, players can find themselves with a series of companions but won’t even know who they are until the end.

Datura on the PS3 is almost the opposite, a short adventure game plagued with poor mechanics that make it frustrating to play. While there is plenty to explore in the mystery woods it doesn’t offer much in the way of plot and turns into a confusing disconnected mess. It’s a unique game however with an engaging atmosphere, whether that makes up for its shortcomings depends on the player however.

Also on the PS3 is Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, the second part to the main story of the series. Anyone familiar with Prince of Persia or any Assassins Creed for that matter should be well aware of how the game works and what it is. Wall climbing, parkour and killing bad guys. In a new twist however The Forgotten Sands adds new elemental powers in order to assist players in combat or movement. Probably one of the better games in the series, it is odd how much Ubisoft has been hyping it up recently. Including giving away Prince of Persia games on their own system… almost like they’re gearing up for a reboot…

On the Vita there is Badland, an odd 2D side scrolling game that almost resembles a slightly more colorful version of Limbo. With a colorful and ever changing background players control a black mass trying to get through a world of black. Originally a smartphone game it was adapted for multiple systems.

Lastly on the Vita is a game for the ladies, the otome visual novel Amnesia: Memories. A popular series in Japan Memories is one of the latest and first on the Vita, unlike the many PSP versions before it. Players find themselves as a girl and must follow various paths in order to find the right guy. Just like similar games that managed to reach the states like Hakuoki… and Amnesia… there aren’t a lot stateside. So whatever your poison it seems that Sony has you covered this month, just before the holiday game rush starts of course.