If the announcement of Final Fantasy XV finally making it’s way to the PC isn’t enough for you, then how about this? Square Enix has revealed a special “Pocket Edition” version of Final Fantasy XV which will be arriving on Mobile platforms this Fall. The games art-style has been re-done in a more “chibi” fashion; looking quite similar to the art-style of last years “World of Final Fantasy” title.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will feature the entire story split up into 10 downloadable episodes, the first being available for free. The gameplay has also been re-worked a bit in order for combat and navigation to be a bit more convenient on touch-screen. Aside from some necessary changes here and there to ensure smooth gameplay on mobile devices, the core Final Fantasy XV experience still seems to remain intact in Pocket Edition.

Final Fantasy XV has seen a few other spin-off releases on the mobile platforms, and this one is quite likely to be the most successful. I’ll definitely be giving it a try, mostly just because of the cute art-style.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will be available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 PC this Fall.