Not too long ago we learned that Mario would officially be running his way onto iOS, via the title “Super Mario Run” developed by Nintendo. Nintendo has been showing more and more interest in releasing content on Mobile platforms as of lately, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be stopping anytime soon.

Super Mario Run was initially announced for a December release, with not much more details other than that. We have recently learned that the game will be a free download; however only certain elements of the games three modes would be playable for free. In order to receive the full experience, you’ll need to pay the $9.99 for the unlimited access, unlocking all the game has to offer.

If you haven’t yet seen footage of Super Mario Run, it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect a Mario title on iOS to be like. You play as a 2D Mario as he runs across the screen, while you tap the screen to make him jump to avoid, and maneuver through obstacles. It’s a fun, little title. The game has already been announced to contain a slew of courses, so don’t expect to be getting a watered-down Mario title when it comes to content.


Super Mario Run will officially launch on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch via iOs 8.0 or above, on December 15th.