Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has seen some very amazing additions to the cast ever since the not only the game was revealed, but also since the Fighters Pass has officially kicked off. While many thought nothing could top the hype of Joker from Persona 5 being added into the game – fans we met with a reality check during Nintendo’s E3 Direct Presentation which recently took place; as the company announced not just one new DLC character headed to the game, but two characters, both coming this year!

The first reveal was one many have expected to eventually be added in the game at some port, especially since Dragon Quest XI is receiving a definitive release on the Nintendo Switch, while also taking into consideration that Dragon Quest games have found a home on the Nintendo platform for several generation. With that in mind, the next DLC character being the Dragon Quest “Heroes” makes absolute sense!

Now, don’t be confused by the trailer, we are not receiving four different Dragon Quest characters taking up more Fighter Pass spots. Each Hero is simply a skin of one another, whilst they all share the same move-set – similar to how the Koopalings work in Smash Ultimate.

While many dedicated Smash players may not be too found of another Sword character being added into the game, at the very least we can be happy that the Dragon Quest Hero’s also utilize magic as part of their main arsenal, making them fairly unique compared to the other sword wielders in the game.


In addition to The Hero being added into Smash Ultimate, comes probably one of the biggest reveals of the Nintendo E3 Direct itself. Yeah, you already know, Banjo & Kazooie are finally headed to Smash!

It’s been a long time coming, and honestly, probably one of the most desired characters to be added onto the Smash Roster ever since Cloud Strife made it into the game! While the reveal may be a huge shocker to us, apparently it was quite an easy process for both Microsoft and Nintendo to make this dream come to life, and thank heavens it was!

For many of us who have been playing Super Smash Bros. since it’s debut entry, we all know very well how much we desired Banjo to be added to the roster, as the Banjo Kazooie games were HUGE on the Nintendo 64, and we’ve always considered Banjo to be “one of us” despite Rare eventually being bought out by Microsoft. With that in mind, the fact that all of these years later Nintendo was finally able to bring this dream to life, is absolutely astounding!


Luckily for us, both characters are headed to Smash Ultimate this year, with the Dragon Quest Hero’s becoming available this Summer, and Banjo-Kazooie heading to the game this fall!