Sony’s E3 2017 Press Conference kicked off yesterday, and overall it was a pretty mediocre one, but we’ll touch on that later. While they had a few new gems in which they revealed for the first time, many of the titles showcased during the event, were either repeats from last years show, or extended footage from games we’ve already known to be in development. One of those said titles are the new God of War.

God of War or, God of War 4 as some may call it, was definitely one of those gems that I wouldn’t mind seeing a million times. Hell, I wouldn’t care if they gave us a brand new trailer for Gamescom, as well as the PlayStation Experience later this year; the title really just looks that fantastic! The trailer revealed during Sony’s Press Conference contained both a solid amount of gameplay footage as well as story information.

The story seems to revolve around Krados and his Son, as they partake on a journey seemingly searching for something. It seems to be shaping up to becoming one of the more finer “father and son” stories out there, as believe it or not, Krados definitely seems to be a fairly level-headed dad, for the most part. The new God of War looks to offer a ton of new, while staying true to it’s heavy, gruesome, and brutal action roots.

With a release window slated for early 2018, my excitement for the game has sky-rocked, as we are likely to receive even more information regarding the title sometime later this year. God of War was definitely one of my main highlights from the Sony’s Press Conference, and is probably others as well. Do you like what they are doing with the new age of God of War? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @EXP4ALL