Animal Crossing New Horizons is the gift that just keeps on giving. And yes, while many of the features and additions that have been added to the game since it’s launch were already available from the get-go in past Animal Crossing titles, these updates just keep players coming back and have in a sense increased the life-span for the game much longer than many probably would have thought.

The next update is set to arrive later this week and will bring the “Festivale” holiday to the game along with the character Pave! Festivale is essentially Animal Crossing’s version of the holiday “Mardi Gras” and will be a one day event. In this games version of the holiday, you’ll be collecting various feathers for our feathered friend Pave, where he will then give you Festivale themed furniture for you to decorate your home and island with! The New Horizons rendition of the Holiday is almost a copy-paste of New Leaf’s version of it, so if you’re familiar with that version – then collecting all of the feathers and getting all of the event furniture should be a breeze.


Alongside the major Holiday content, Nintendo has also revealed that Valentines Day, Groundhog Day, and Sestubon will all be receiving their own corresponding items in the game to celebrate their holiday’s. You’ll be able to pick up these items from the Nook Stop in Resident Services beginning February 1st! Additionally, there will also be Football themed items to celebrate what we can only assume is meant to reference the “Super Bowel”, also available via the Nook Stop.

While it’s a bit bittersweet to see that many of the past holiday’s have been basically turned into a Nook Stop item pickup, at least Nintendo is still recognizing some of these smaller Holiday’s and providing additional content for them. This update will mark the end of the ‘”Major Holiday” additions which were planned post-launch for the title, and while we know we are set to receive regular updates for the remainder of the year – many are still wondering what will become of many of the left-out additions and mechanics from prior Animal Crossing titles, and if Nintendo plans to update the game more regularly throughout the remainder of the year. The next update is set to arrive sometime in March, and will celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario, bringing Mario items into the game! Whether or not this update will contain other highly requested features is yet to be seen, but hopefully Nintendo is listening and has much in store!