It has been a good long while since we’ve last heard from Sony, in an organized fashion, regarding the upcoming titles the company has headed to their PlayStation platform, as well as what they may have in the works that we have not yet heard about! 2019 thus far has been the year of “silent Sony” as the company has not only skipped out on E3 this year, but also Gamescom as well and even more recently, the Tokyo Game Show!

While many are suspecting that PlayStation’s absence from these events is mainly due to Sony trying to build the hype towards the inevitable PlayStation 5 reveal; it seems even more likely at this point that they are simply trying to build more momentum for their new sort of “Direct Presentations” which they have entitled “State of Play.” These are essentially live-streams in which Sony uses to announce new and upcoming titles headed to the PlayStation platform, while showing off game-play, very similar to what Nintendo does with their presentations.

Throughout the past week or so since the State of Play presentation was announced, the folks over at Naughty Dog have been spending quite a bit of time teasing promo’s for the game over on social media, informing us that more information regarding the game will be coming during the State of Play broadcast! This is exciting news as in general, we haven’t really much idea as to what exactly could be shown during the broadcast, as Sony has kept their lips tightly sealed throughout this entire year! I do however feel that it is likely we’ll see new footage for Shenmue III, as well as Final Fantasy VII Remake, as they are both huge RPG’s headed to the PlayStation platform, only, as far as consoles go.


Regardless, it will be very interesting to see what Sony has up their sleeves. For me personally, I’m still holding out hope as usual for a new Ape Escape, perhaps a new Everybody’s Golf, or Hot Shot’s Tennis?

The State of Play broadcast kicks off tomorrow, September 24th at 1pm PT.