We recently reported the announcement surrounding Square Enix’s plans to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise, despite not exactly revealing exactly what they have in store for the celebrations.

Even more recently, the company has elaborated a bit further in regards to what they have in-store, and it turns out they will be holding an Opening Ceremony , which they’eve announced over on their official website – to kick off the 30th Anniversary celebrations and surprises!  The event is set to be held on the 31st of January at the Toha Cinemas in Roppongi Hills. Square Enix has already announced 200 or so members from the company in Japan will be in attendance, but aside from that, not much else was revealed.


It’s quite likely during this opening ceremony, the company will reveal a few surprises they have in-store for the Final Fantasy franchise.  An announcement regarding a release date for the first episode of the Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the most anticipated announcements among fans of the franchise; however rumors of a Final Fantasy Collectors disc featuring games 1-9, may be one of the first reveals of the year.

It seems Square Enix is planning to continue this celebration all throughout 2017, so expect announcements to be spread out over 3-4 months.